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Places To Visit

Here is a list of some beautiful and interesting towns to visit, all within one ane half hours drive from Vigneux de Bretagne.




Rochefort en Terre

Fortified town dating back to the XII century.

Very picturesque.

Vigneux to Rochfort

77km, 67 minutes. Direction Savenay

la Baule Escoublac

Seaside resort off the coast of the Atlantic ocean and loved by many in the region. Very chic with many smaller seaside resorts close by.

Vigneux to La Baule

53km, 45 minutes. Direction Savenay/Saint Nazaire

Vannes (and surrounding islands)

Port of the Golfe du Morbihan, towards the centre of the West coast. Great boat trips and many small islands to visit in this region.

Vigneux to Vannes

90km, 73 minutes. Direction Savenay/Pont du Morbihan.


Fishing village steeped in history. A great place to stroll along the quay with a number of unique shop and restaurants

Vigneux to Pornic

52km, 61 minutes.

South East of La Baule.


In the south of Brittany, where the Loire comes to its end. Pornichet borders between the Marshes of Brière and the Atlantic Ocean. Pornichet is in the middle of an area rich in historical heritage and nature.

Vigneux to Pornichet

52km, 45 minutes. Direction La Baule/ Guérande.


Guérande is famous for its medieval walled city and variety of small shop and street entertainers. A must visit when you are passing in the region of La Baule, Pornichet or La Croisic.


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Vigneux to Guérande

59km, 50 minutes. Direction La Baule/ Guérande.


Nantes is one of the largest cities in the Pay de la Loire region with more than 280 000 inhabitants. The birth place of Jules Vernes and the centre of many cultural events and activities. Originally a large trading centre for rich merchants who imported exotic woods and distributed goods overseas. The wealth of the city is still apparent today in the quality of the architecture. Many designer shops and restaurants in and around the city.

Vigneux to Nantes

23km, 27 minutes.




La Roche Bernard

 La Roche Bernard is a very picturesque town situated on the Vilaine river in south Brittany.  It has a very pleasant port providing access to a large marina.

Vigneux de Bretagne to La Roche Bernard 50km, 42 minutes.

Piriac sur mer

Piriac has more than 4000 years of history. A very quaint seaside town famous for its rugged coastlines and sandy creeks. Very good for hiking.

Vigneux de Bretagne to Piriac sur mer 50km, 42 minutes.
Noirmoutier en l'Isle

The history of the island is rich in tales, pillaging, plunder, battles, landings,, bloody incursions and heroic combat. Since the end of the 12th century. Accessible via an expansion bridge or a cobbled road crossable at low tides. A must to see and cross.

Low tide time table for the Passage du Gois

Vigneux de Bretagne to Noirmoutier en l'Isle 96km, 108 minutes.
 La Croisic

Very attractive fishing port with beautiful coastline. Quaint shops and many restaurants.

Vigneux de Bretagne to La Croisic 69km, 60 minutes.